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There is no type of scaffolding installation we are unhappy or unable to perform. Our services include:

Residential Scaffolding Services

When it comes to residential scaffolding, we understand the importance of health and safety. This is not only crucial for the operatives and contractors, but for you as the resident and the general public as well. This is why we plan each and every construction project thoroughly before we start the assembly. All our staff are highly trained, certified, and hardworking at every residential construction site.

Commercial Scaffolding

Our extensive portfolio also covers all areas of commercial building projects. Frequently is considered at the same risk level as Domestic Scaffolding, but Commercial Scaffolding hire projects are potentially dangerous considering that they are typically in dense urban areas. This is why these sites often require professional and experienced contractors. We have been erecting hundreds of Commercial Scaffolding Hire projects over the years, safely and risk-free for both employees and customers.

Chimney Scaffold

Chimney repairs call for specialised scaffolding, which allow full access around the structure. When your chimney is in need of repair, Elttech Scaffolding Ltd  can supply and fit a tailor-made chimney scaffold to ensure that all repairs can be carried out quickly and safely with easy access. Whether you’re looking to replace the chimney flashing or a complete chimney rebuild, Elttech Scaffolding Ltd can provide you with a safe and secure chimney scaffold to complete the job.

Temporary Roofs

Temporary structures supplied by Elttech Scaffolding Ltd come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from trade display stands to temporary roofing. Whatever type of temporary structure you require, choosing Elttech Scaffolding Ltd to deliver it will ensure that your project is in the very best of hands.We understand how vulnerable your property can be when major work is being undertaken on the roof. 

Access Towers

A tower scaffold is one way to prevent a fall when working at height. The type of tower selected must be suitable for the work and erected and dismantled by people who have been trained and are competent to do so.Those using tower scaffolds should also be trained in the potential dangers and precautions required during use.

Hanging Scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding is a type of scaffolding where work platforms hang from overhead support structures on roofs or building setbacks. There are cables or stirrups on either side of the platform, and these can be bought up and down to reach different areas of the building. They are most commonly used on high rise buildings or where the ground would be unstable.

Health and Safety

We take great care to ensure that we are working safely at all times, following all of the latest guidelines and standards from HSE



Very professional High quality work Friendly team Highly recommend Eltec Scaffolding

ana west

After using numerous other scaffolding companies in the past and being left disappointed by the service I had received, I was reluctant to use another new company-but I’m so relieved I tried Elttech Scaffolding. They were polite, respectful and kept me updated. They were careful with my property and the neighbouring properties. The owner even reassured me that I could contact him 24/7 if need be. I will be using them again for sure and will recommend to all.

Noah Nonny


Specialised. Reliable. Experienced.

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